A new book has been published about Museum Willet-Holthuysen, entitled: 'Abraham en Louisa Willet-Holthuysen, Amsterdamse verzamelaars in de 19e eeuw' [Abraham and Louisa Willet-Holthuysen: 19th century Amsterdam collectors]. It recounts their life on Herengracht and how they gradually built up their extensive collection of art and books, against a backdrop of 19th-century Amsterdam. It also describes the cultural and social circles the couple moved in in the city.

Museum curator Bert Vreeken obtained his doctorate on the subject of Museum Willet-Holthuysen in 2010. It was he who began writing the book, but after his untimely death in 2014, the project was taken over and finished by his colleagues Thijs Boers, Annemarie den Dekker, Judith van Gent, Laura van Hasselt, Anneke van de Kieft, Nel Klaversma, Norbert Middelkoop, Tom van der Molen, Gusta Reichwein, Sarah Remmerts de Vries, Lodewijk Wagenaar, Annemarie de Wildt, Kees Zandvliet and co-supervisor Ellinoor Bergvelt.

The book is on sale in the museum shops of the Amsterdam Museum and Museum Willet-Holthuysen and in various bookshops.