As well as being a fanatical collector of art, Abraham Willet was also a bibliophile. Books were to be found throughout the house. They were not only neatly lined up on bookcases, but also in the halls and on the fireplaces. The study is located in the same place as it was in the Willets's time.


Abraham would withdraw to the study to read, write letters or enjoy a beer. The most eye-catching pieces of furniture in this room are the two imposing bookcases with green curtains. The master of the house would use the green sofa to lie down and relax.

The outline of a door is visible in the corner on the right. This leads to a little corridor, connecting the study with Louisa's sitting room at the front of the house. It enabled the couple to move to a different room without meeting domestic staff. Thanks to connecting doors of this kind, Abraham and Louisa could avoid the cold corridors in the winter as much as possible.


The combination of imposing bookcases and dark rug, the impressive paintings and the soft light from the candelabra on the fireplace creates a sense that time has stood still when you enter the study.