Gentlemen’s parlour

In the time of the Willet-Holthuysens, the gentlemen’s parlour served as a reception room. Back then, the room was green instead of blue. Here, Abraham organised art viewings for his fellow collectors to showcase new additions to his collection. The men in attendance sat at a large table, with space for up to 18 chairs.


The ceiling is a characteristic element of the gentlemen’s parlour. The ceiling mural dates from 1744 and was painted by Jacob de Wit (1695–1754). The ceiling was not actually made for the Willet- Holthuysen’s house; it began life at another house on the Herengracht. When the Willet-Holthuysens lived in the house, the gentlemen’s parlour featured an early 19th-century stucco ceiling, complete with a richly-decorated central rosette.