Dining room

Intimate and subdued are two primary characteristics of the room where the Willet-Holthuysen dined. The couple refurbished the dining room in approximately 1865, along with the ladies’ salon and the ballroom. 

The table has been laid in festive style for six guests, but the complete 275-piece Meissen dinner service is large enough for 24 guests. Such larger receptions would be held in the gentlemen’s parlour, which boasted a larger table.

An ornamental centrepiece graces the middle of the table. A so-called ‘pièce de milieu’ such as this could be created using fresh flowers, fruits or sweet delicacies. The silverware, consisting of six candlesticks, two mounts and two chestnut vases, was a wedding gift to Louisa’s parents when they married in 1811.